Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Time

My favorite time of year and why wouldn't it be. It's warm and the windows are open wide. The sun is shining and people are happy and smiling....so what's not to like? The flowers are blooming, the Koi are swimming and the birds are chirpping.
My gardens and pond are two of my favorite things to do in the Summer. I usually plant a vegetable garden as well, but we had our home on the market and so I decided not to plant one this year. It a decision I now regret. I wish I would have planted, but now too late, will have to depend on the local farm markets for my fresh veggies this year.
My pond contiues to florish and I continue to love having it. It's so peaceful on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and something I love to do!!


  1. Way to go GF! I signed up to follow.

  2. hi, Ruthie~Blog looks wonderful~ love your pond!!!

  3. Good job Ruthie. My favorite chef is Curtis Stone! He is such a cutie!

  4. Hi Ruthie! LOL......I joined too.
    Looking forward to seeing lots of pics and getting some good recipes from you!

  5. Hey Ruthie! :DDD

    Look, don't go posting all of those yummie goodies, and not send us some to taste from time to time. :DDD I've seen what you can do. ;;) CONGRATS, I'm following ya...right into the kitchen. :DDDDDDDDD

  6. Love your blog Ruthie! Your flowers and fish pond are beautiful! Look forward to seeing more of your posts :)